Tried Every Fad Diet Ever Written by Sarah

For years I’ve struggled with weight loss…I was always the ‘fat’ kid or the chubby lovable one. I’ve attempted every diet fad ever written. It wasn’t until I decided to change my lifestyle that I was finally able to get rid of 50 pounds! I still eat anything I want as long as it is within moderation. I learned depriving yourself of something only makes you want it more, the forbidden fruit is the sweetest. I also learned a very important fact, weight loss is 90% a mind game. If you want to change your body, you have to change your mind first.


  • Mimi

    This is exactly how I feel on the subject. I’ve just started my weight loss journey and I’m glad to see it worked for you. I’ve gone from eating large amounts of whatever i want everyday with absolutely no exercise, to walking everyday and still eating most of the stuff I want, just not as much. If I completely deprived myself I think I would go crazy :)

  • Ni

    I love this! I am on my diet/weight loss journey for 3 months now and I lost 35.2 pounds just eating in moderation and exercising also eating cleaner has improved my overall life and health and I stopped eating fast foods and only drink water. Not going to say I won’t go out to eat at a diner time to time but eating in portions will save your life and results will show. I love your story!❤️