The Photo That Changed My Life by Heather


During my early 20s I lived the lifestyle of a typical college student. I’ve always dealt with weight issues (physically and mentally) and even somewhat struggled with an eating disorder. I didn’t realize how big I had gotten until I saw photo album from a trip that I had recently taken-I was mortified. I knew I had been uncomfortable in my skin, and my pants size kept growing (size 18), but I felt completely blind sided. I was embarrassed, but not for me, for my then boyfriend (now husband). I had to get myself together to feel like I deserved the love he was giving me. I completely embraced my healthy lifestyle. I’m now down 90 pounds and I am training for my first half marathon!

  • Madeline

    keep it up! you look great!

  • lara langione

    so very awful u lost weight to impress a guy. you should have done it for yourself only. you had to lose weight to “deserve his love”?