The Journey Continues by Cassie


I was larger than everyone else my whole life! Struggled with weight loss even while actively participating in athletics in middle school. The other girls who were a size 4-8 and I was a 14-16? In college I slowly creeped from a size 16-18 to a 20, 22, 24, 26! I was going through a difficult time losing both my parents to a battle with cancer and an unhappy relationship. I was a stress eater and didn’t even realize how much fast food I was enjoying each day. The second breakfast, fourth meal and alcohol played a toll on my body. I was pregnant and had preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. After gaining more weight after delivery I decided enough was enough. Changed my relationship status and my eating habits! Started using my fitness pal app and logged EVERYTHING I ingested! Starts from half a pop tart to meet calorie needs to what can I enjoy more of for less calories? My journey was like a bank account! I never enjoyed running or working out so I had to strictly cut back on food! I was never a soda drinker so water was easy for me! I just used the drop in 5-10 cal flavor. I used diet like a bank account. If 3500 calories is one lb, by decreasing 500 calories a day, that would be a lb a week! Well that’s just cutting back a McDonald’s sausage biscuit for starters! After learning the amounts of calories in everything, eating healthy choices became easier! I am so happy to drop from a 4x t-shirt in men’s to now a medium! A 26 jean to a 7 juniors! I still am not to my goal weight but down 162 lbs in two years. Will power to “put the fork down” has changed my life!

  • Lindsay

    You have a beautiful smile and you are just glowing. You should be so proud of yourself.