Sick of Being the Fat and Ugly Friend by Christina
All my life I was always the fat and ugly friend that everyone had. I wanted to be confident in myself and my body like everyone else. I wanted to wear things that shows off my body and feel GOOD about it. So one day I decided to start dieting and exercising. That day I was so excited and then my grandma laughed at me and told me I couldn’t do it. I wanted nothing more than to prove her wrong, so I did. I kept up with working out and eating right and now I can’t stop. I use hatred and people’s doubts as fuel to my fitness and I it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Hard work DOES pay off, I can promise you that.

  • look@menow

    This is my exact same story! I channel the pain of being ridiculed and judged into energy to be where i want to be! with this i dropped 80lbs and got a certificate in chemistry. bam.

  • Tina Harris

    You were never ugly!