Roller Coaster of Everything but Love by Catherine


I’ve always been a roller coaster with my weight/fat percentage. I’ve tried just about every diet pill on the shelf and every theory of dieting. Most worked. Most were temporary. All I didn’t keep up a healthy lifestyle afterwards. I’ve also had high expectations from a very vain mother. At a healthy 145 I was too fat. At a healthy 125 I was too skinny. I was healthy but it was never good enough. I’m also a stress eater and until last year, I didn’t know I had anxiety. I only ate salads in college so I was just a stick, I over ate before my wedding and I hate looking at pictures sometimes, I picked up running to battle anxiety and was a skinny fat. Then my knee busted from running and I was lost in my anxiety again. I gained a lot of that weight back. I’m on anxiety medicine, lifting weights now, body is transforming in ways I never thought possible, now is my time to cut the fat, reveal the muscle, eat healthy and feel 100% for once.