#iputtheforkdown by Rawy


My food problems started when i was in the sixth grade. I was forced to clean my plate at every meal(Mentally) .. In high school, I struggled with an eating disorder, I over ate! I gained 50 pounds and was up to 240 With work I felt too exhausted to do any activity!

Then came my 17th birthday (March 14th) ..I resolved to be healthier and have more energy, for myself. So I signed up with LA Fitness. I also started playing basketball at a local park and doing upper- and lower-body training three to four times a week. Soon I was losing couple pounds a week, and after three months, i upped my routine to jogging four times a week. By December, I was lifting and doing cardio six days a week! and I had reached my goal weight of 180pounds — just in time for my 18th birthday.

Now I’m currently working on building lean muscle and weighing in at 205lbs and I feel great and healthy as ever! I encourage everyone to get off the couch and make the change for a brighter future, because I’ve done it, I’ve succeeded, and the only mistake I regret NOT making was starting sooner!