No Struggle No Progress by Nelson

For most of my life, I was on the smaller side. But after graduating from high school, I packed on 10 pounds every single year from 1997 to 2008. Do the math. That’s 110 lbs. of fatness. YUCK! And even though I promised myself year after year that I was going to lose weight, I never did. Then when the doctor told me I weighed over 300 pounds my heart dropped and I felt like such a loser! I knew I had to change. So I did.

I lost 40 pounds in 4 months and felt like a million bucks. But after suffering a heart attack in my early 30’s, I became depressed and scared, fell back into my old habits, and packed back on over 50 pounds of fatness. Then a light came on in my head and my inner voice started telling me, ”DO NOT GIVE UP!” Right before my heart attack my wife (back then she was my girlfriend) bought me P90X but I never got to use it. But once I had somewhat recovered, it was time to bust it out and press play.
Finally, I got my act together, got 100% committed to eating better with the help of my Wife setting the nutritional bar, followed the program guide that was already laid out for me, and little by little the pounds started to melt off and I lost over 100 pounds. I went from 305 lbs. in 2011 to 196 lbs. in 2013. I’m now off my meds and my doctor said my heart and health is perfectly fine!.
I put the fork down to all the processed sugars and sweets and picked the fork up for the natural fruits and vegetables i lacked in my diet. Some days I even juice to give my body a break from digestion so the fork doesn’t even get picked up lol. Fitness and being healthy are a big part of my everyday life and I’ve learned in my journey that food is Medicine, And just like any other drug it is NOT to be abused.