Hey guys, Kody here and it is officially the last day of my diet. I am excited to say that i hit my goal of 240 pounds yesterday! I am feeling better mentally and physically, and i am excited to keep working towards my next goal of 225 pounds. I will throw an update up in a few weeks and keep you guys updated!

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until next time…




Breakfast: 4 egg omelette with ham, cheese, and tomatoes, Black coffee.

Lunch: 1 Chef salad with ham, tomato, and ranch. Unsweetened iced tea.

Dinner: 1 Hamburger with tomato and ketchup, no bun.

Snack: beef jerky, Rum…


Run: 1 mile
Pushups: 75
crunches: 100

Starting weight: 252 pounds

Current weight: 240 pounds

Goal weight: 240 pounds

remaining: 0 poundsIMG_1478