Day 2 felt like it was never going to end…I definitely felt some cravings, and eventually gave in with 2 pieces of chocolate. But hey, nobody is perfect right? Tomorrow i will post a video and let you know how i am doing!


Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled, tomato, pinch salt and pepper
2 pieces of bacon
1 cup of coffee black

Snack: Beef jerky
Baby Carrots

Lunch: large Chef Salad. (lettuce, ham, tomatoes, Annie’s organic ranch)
1 glass of unsweetened Iced tea

Snack: 2 hand fulls of Mixed nuts, non salted

Dinner: 12 oz ribeye steak

Snack: 2 Ghirardelli’s chocolate squares


Run: 2 miles
Pushups: 50
crunches: 100

Starting weight: 252 pounds

Current weight: 250 pounds

Goal weight: 240 pounds

remaining: 10 pounds