It Took a Pig to Open My Eyes by Cristoffer

Serval years ago I was forced into a life of sloth, sin and shame. Living a lazy life with the pig and not just any pig, it was a pizza pig. This pig took over my whole existence and I gave my all to pizza pig, only to find out pigs and guys like me grow apart. So I buckled down, learned to survive in a world full of pizza pigs and not fall into temptations. I started eating very clean and living a healthier lifestyle, gave up smoking, cut back on drinking and found out I want to be the best version of myself I can be. I run everyday, and practice a healthier lifestyle. I was at my heaviest weighing in at 245lbs and now in down to 198lbs and training for the rest of my life. Health and fitness is t the only way I know, it’s my future it’s my family and it’s my best friend. I’m not even close to being done yet. Within 7months of hard work an dedication I have made some huge steps to a greater future :)