I Used To Be Fat Celia

A Thousand Cookies Too Many

I was always bigger than I should’ve been, the one that hid behind my big baggy black clothes + ‘bubbly’ personality. This wasn’t ever as much of an issue as it became when I was 20. In January 2012, I was told I had high blood pressure + was obese. Im 5’2 and weighed in at 86kg. Problem was, Im the kind of person where a problem isn’t a problem until I can see it. So what did i do? I continued to eat.

Finally, after 5 months, there was a double chin, clothes size were creeping up… I went from being someone who carried a camera with me at all times, to someone who ran from a flash.


The feeling of accomplishing something like that is indescribable, and the reactions were overwhelming. I went on to work as Front of House in a gym, qualified as a Personal Trainer and became employed as a PT in the space of a year. If you told the little kid that was always last to finish the run around the school during Physical Ed., that she would be a PT one day, she would’ve laughed + continued wolf down those bars of chocolate.

Today, I am still working on my own journey, + I want to help you to start your journey + inspire you to be your own Inspiration.

  • How did you star? What plan of action did you take? I can’t seem to stay not lazy, in 2010 I lost 80lbs, but then when I met my boyfriend of 3 years I put all of that weight back on quickly, now I can’t seem to get rid of it.