I made No Excuses and JUST did it by Juhanna


“Hello My name is Juhanna (iamjuhanna on instagram). I have been on my weight loss/fitness journey since August 2012.

On December 4th 2009, I had my daughter. I went from a size 8 to 16/18. By the end of my pregnancy, I weighed 193 pounds. So, I decided to lose weight. I went down to 186 within a month but I wasn’t really motivated to lose anymore until last year.

There was a weightloss challenge at my job and I decided to join in with others to lose weight. When I started the challenge I was 186. By the end of the challenge I was 155. I felt so empowered. I was working out 5 days a week, counting my calories and drinking mostly water. I decided then that I would continue this healthy lifestyle. I set a goal of 135 and a under goal weight of 128. I am now 126 and I’m  working out 3-5 days a week with weight training to tone up and running. I still count my calories and drink mostly water.

I did Zumba on Xbox and Leslie Sansone “Walk Your Belly Flat” the first 5 months to drop weight (3-5 days a week, 45 minutes to an hour a day). Once I saw skin hanging, I started doing every old school workout that you can do in your own home. I don’t have a gym membership (love them, but expensive). Squats with weights, lunges with weights, planks, pushups, tricep dips, shoulder presses, tricep pull backs, reverse flys and wall sits. A lot of challenges with these exercises are on my instagram page. I follow Fit4life Sisters which motivated me a lot. I watch portion control with my eating, as well as cut out a lot of fried foods (my weakness). I cook only baked, boiled, steamed or sauteed at home. Only drink water and teas.

I have become a motivator to the love ones around me that it is possible and there aren’t any excuses but the ones you make. Diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and heart problems run strong in my family. I made the commitment last year to end that cycle. No excuses. So, make the choice today to live a healthy lifestyle.”