I Made A Choice by Kia


Hello I am @_healthychoice on Instagram. Here is how my journey began… I decided to change my eating habits and start exercising when my BMI told me I was obese. I was motivated by the unhealthy signs my body gave me and not liking the person I saw in the mirror. I had high blood pressure and swollen legs due to eating bad foods. I was embarrassed at the size I was becoming. With no gym membership, I dropped 70lbs in less than a year. Walking 3 times a week + clean eating + determination allowed me to go from 220 pounds to 147 pounds. I started at a Size 16 and now I’m down to a Size 6. My lifestyle is healthier, and I feel great.

In June 2012, I made a choice to get healthy. I started walking outdoors around my neighborhood 3x times a week about 3-4miles. I did that until the winter months came. Then I shifted to Zumba on the Wii and strength training inside the house. I used apps on my phone and google to learn the types of body weight exercises that I could do without a gym membership. These included planks, leg raises, v-sit, squats, etc. For the eating, I focused incorporating proteins and veggies in 5-6 meals a day. I stayed away from carbs, white grains, high sugar, and high sodium foods. I stopped cooking with butter, vegetable oil, and sugar. All I drink is water, milk, and unsweetened herbal teas. Meal prepping my foods helped to keep me focused during the week, so that I did not have any excuses to eat out, stop at the bar, go to the drive thru, or go the snack machines at work. I stopped making excuses for myself and began to problem solve so that I could live a healthy lifestyle.

My advice for those starting their weightloss journey is to take baby steps. Remember that eating and exercise are partners, so find a balance between the two in order to see progress. Find something that motivates you, and go for it. Find something you enjoy doing (i.e. Walking) and keep going! Write down your goal, and don’t stop ever…if you reach it, then aim higher! The journey will be tough, but it is possible.

  • katalambano

    good for you! I really liked your words of encouragement towards the end: “I stopped making excuses for myself and began to problem solve so that I could live a healthy lifestyle.”