Heal From Within by Belle


In October 10 of 2012 I went to my doctor for a routine blood-work check-up. My liver function tests were over triple the amount of ‘normal’. My Dr. ordered an ultrasound to take a closer look, and discovered that I had an enlarged fatty liver, I thought about my son and how I want to be alive to watch him grow. My doctor told me the only way to restore my liver is to exercise, eat healthy, and stop taking any kind of medicine or alcohol. Prior to that day, I weighed 236lbs and I was eating junk and consuming alcohol every other weekend. My relationship with fitness was inconsistent until I found out about my health ailments; I decided to make a change. I quit drinking alcohol, quit eating saturated fatty processed foods, and started exercising 6-7 days a week. I’ve found a new passion with an active lifestyle, I feel great, and I can’t imagine reverting to my old ways. In January of 2013 I went back to my doctor to re-take my liver function tests. Through being determined with exercising, eating healthy, and being positive—I’ve succeeded to restore my health; my liver function is back to normal.

  • Betty

    congratulations! You look Great!