Hard work by Tyler


I’ve been an athlete all my life but have struggled with consistency and only being half-ass about my health. I finally decided to diet right. I eat cereal, eggs, chicken , and fish. I mix in vegetables a couple times a week. I jump rope for an hour or two a day with full sweat gear on. I don’t have a gym membership anymore and all I have is a set of 15 pound dumbbells that I customized a workout with. I do a circuit with the dumbbells, crunches, and push ups after I jump rope. I end up doing probably around 500 repetitions or more push ups and various other exercise as well. I play tennis regularly and I went from 215 to 185 in about 2 months. I feel great and the best shape I have ever been in besides the fact that I have a torn acl and meniscus in my right knee from spring training with the UAB football team.