As some of you may or may not know, I have been having some health issues over the past 2 months. My symptoms include paralysis in my left hand, weakening in my right, as well as weakening in my left foot. At this point and time I have been referred to a neuromuscular specialist. I have been through all sorts of tests, most turning out good. The only answer I have gotten is, there is no communication between my nerves and muscles.

Why am I telling you this? From the recommendation of my friends, I have decided to go Gluten free. I’m not doing this to loose weight. I’m merely trying one more thing out for my health! I’ve not been diagnosed with Celiacs. Actually, I haven’t even gone in and talked to my doctor about it(I feel like I’ve had enough visits).

I will write another post in a few weeks about my overall feeling and health! This should be interesting as I am ADDICTED to Gluten. I love my Beer and bread(the high carb diet)!

I leave you with a picture taken before I lost 100lbs in high school!