As you all know, tomorrow is the Fourth of July. Like every other holiday, I am sure you are experiencing some food anxiety. I know I am. Now, by what do I mean by “food anxiety?” I define food anxiety as that feeling you get when attending parties and barbecues and not knowing what healthy options you may have. Thoughts like “Do I really want to eat the fattening chips and dips?,” or “Do I really want to give into eating wings and fat burgers,?” may be some thoughts running through your heads.

All us fitness freaks know that we work out way too hard to give into these devilish temptations that come from within. So, how do you conquer this you may ask… Well here’s my fool proof method that may help you get through the holidays. Good Luck :)

Ten Tips for a Healthy Holiday!
1. Eat Breakfast! Stick to your normal routine and make sure you get some protein in there!
2. Eat a low calorie snack before lunch. Something like Greek yogurt, an apple, or grapes and a few slices of cheese are great.
3. Eat lunch! Skipping meals will cause you to overeat at dinner and you WILL regret it.
4. Work out if you have time throughout the day. Wake up early and go for a light run or take a walk through your neighborhood with a family member. Remember walking just a mile burns 150 calories!
5. Eat a small snack or drink a glass of green tea before attending your event. This will curb your appetite and you won’t give in to temptations.
6. Wear something that you feel confident in. If you wear your hemline a little shorter or your shirt that shows a tad more cleavage, you may feel sexier and be more conscious of your menu choices
7. Make something healthy and bring it to the event. Everyone LOVES when you bring that favorite healthy dish of yours, so why not share it?! You are also more likely to snack on your dish then others, avoiding unhealthy ingredients.
8. Eating at your occasion may be difficult, try to go for any lean meats and greens. It’s okay to splurge a little, but make conscious decisions based on your diet.
9. It is easy to over eat when you are eating in a group of people. Make sure you eat slowly and give your body a chance to digest before you think about seconds.
10. ITS THE HOLIDAYS! Try to enjoy a healthy dessert or go all out and dig into that Sundae. You deserve it!