From Obese to Fit by Jonathan

My name is Jonathan and I put the fork down. When I was 18 I was overweight and heavy. I used to eat a lot when I was younger and this caused me a lot of problems with my breathing and heart. I was diagnosed as obese by doctors and told that if I carry on, I will be in threat of diabetes. I brushed it off and carried on eating what I liked and when it pleased me. Then one day in the summer I was walking down the street and got abused by a white van driver who shouted some nasty things out the window. As I looked at him and looked at myself I burst into tears, and I knew what I has to do. It has taken around a year and a half to lose 4 stone. Now I’m focusing on building muscle and really changing up the way I eat. Don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t! If I can put the fork down, so can you :)