From McDonalds to Organics by Alica

When I was growing up, my parents divorced and I moved into my fathers house. My poor dad, who doesn’t have too much kitchen experience due to my mom being a food lover and “master-mom-chef”, found it easier to buy fast food and order take-out for my brother and I instead of cooking healthy, sufficient meals. We ate a lot of junk and I didn’t pay attention to my weight. My brother, luckily, had a fast metabolism and looked great either way. I wasn’t so fortunate. We ate like that (and I packed on the pounds) for a long time before my dad remarried a vegetarian who cooked full, hearty, healthy and mostly fat-free meals for us. This introduction to a new, healthy lifestyle has shaped who I am today. I got a gym membership, cut all meat from my diet and started paying attention to what I was eating. At the time, I was 14 years old weighing almost 160 pounds (at a height of only 5’5). Today, I am eighteen years old weighing 120 pounds and still maintaining the same healthy diet. I have a gym membership through my university and go to the gym four times a week between work and classes. I have never felt or looked so good in my entire life. I can finally be comfortable and confident in my own body and its all due to my own hard work. Nothing has ever been more rewarding.


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    By the way poster, you look fantastic. Well done!