From fat to Fit by NateThroughout my childhood I always have been over weight I struggled with tryin to ”fit ” in with my classmates but no matter what I do I always end up being the out cast cause of me being fat I would always get teased and laughed at in the outside i was all calm and cool about it but in the inside it killed me everytime so to cope with it I ate and ate until I felt good. Not until my freshman year of high school I really wanted to make some change that’s when I turned to diet pills and starving myself, it worked but for a little while but I slowly went to binge eating and sneaking food in the middle of the night to my room because I was always hungry. Fast forward to my junior year that’s when I got serious and dumped all the pills and started workin out and watching what I eat an sure enough I seen better results now then when I was popping diet pills. Now I’m always motivated to push extra hard because in the back of my head I always remember that fat kid that became fit.