Food Was My Ultimate Reward by Keiona

Food was my everything. My sole provider. Whatever I went through food was there. When I was happy I eat. When I was sad I eat. When I was bored I eat. I ran to food for everything. When I wanted to have fun or visit friends food had to be there or I wasn’t there. I didn’t spend my money on shoes and bags or jewelry. I spent my money on oxtails, steaks and shrimp. I would spend my last on a should meal just to have something to do. Whatever I accomplished I rewarded myself with a meal. Until one day all my clothes wouldn’t fit. I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t look so appealing in photos and from that moment I knew something had to change. I saw the scale go to a number I couldn’t ever imagine to be 312lbs. I had a small goal at first, just lose thirty pounds to fit back into my clothing. But once I made that decision my mind changed. I no longer wanted McDonald’s or cookies or pastas. I wanted fruits and lean meat. I stayed consistent for eight months and managed to lose one hundred pounds and maintain my weight loss. I thank God daily. It’s not easy but it surely is worth it. I’m much healthier and happier and I can’t say it enough Thank you Jesus victory is mine.

  • Shay

    This is awesome. Did you do any type of workouts?

    • Keiona

      Yes four days a week only cardio for the first two months. The Treadmill and elliptical machine. Then I started adding kicks, lounges, squats, jumping jacks, and stairs. Now I’m working on weight training for toning.

  • Kaya

    Hello ! thank you for share your story with us. :) See, I have the same problem as you. I run to food for everything, whether I”m happy, sad, bored,etc…. I want to ask you this, how do you do to avoid eating unhealty stuff and how do you get motivation ?