Failing Was Not an Option by Misa


Here’s my personal 16 month transformation story.

I am a fitness fanatic but I haven’t always been that way. Just a few short years ago I was overweight and unhealthy. After having my son I ballooned up to around 200lbs I was happy but unhealthy and things needed to change. I got a gym membership and decided I was going to whip myself into shape. I worked out but my workouts didn’t look like the fitness model in the magazine fold out and neither did my results. I saw the trainers at the gym work with the same people over and over and they weren’t getting any results either.

Then a light bulb went off in my head “I am going to get certified to help myself and others” I promised myself I would not be like those boring trainers in the gym leading people to zero results. So here I am now 60lbs less and ready to apply all that I learned and experienced towards getting you to your goals. Im not special. Anyone can reach there goals. The two things that will be required from you are that you Dream Big & Work Hard.

  • Nisha Mei

    This is super inspiring and I hope to follow your lead! You look amazing!