Binge Eating No More by Slim Birdy

At my highest weight I was about 80kg (176lb)and now I hover around 60kg (130lb) and I am 5′ 10″ tall. My weight fluctuated over the years but I always felt like the biggest one, the fattest one who was missing our on her life because I wasn’t just normal like everyone else. One big issue was binge eating – open that block of chocolate and I would hoover the whole thing, one do-nut led to four and there was just no stopping me, no matter how hard I tried. When I figured out though that only certain foods had this effect on me, my whole life changed. By substituting better foods for the crazy ones that made me out of control, I was able to eat normally and lose weight. It wasn’t emotional eating that caused the binging it was pure and simple food addiction. The urge to eat these foods was so strong, your mind just wouldn’t stop thinking about them, and I would eat them until I was sick and get mad at myself for being so weak and hopeless not being able to control it. It was such a relief to finally work out that it wasn’t me, it was the food and now I live a happy life, am the weight I want to be, eat like normal person and just enjoy myself!