Believe in Yourself by Christian

Most of my life I struggled with limitations and my weight, I always thought I was too weak, too slow, too unhealthy to make a change. As the years past I got weaker, slower, and dangerously unhealthy, eating fast food 5-6x a week, heavy cigarette smoker, investing into my own destruction. It was until one day I got sick of being sick and decided to fight back. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I decided I was going to do it. Constant fear of people of people watching me, fear of people making fun of my limitation, fear of failing. No matter how scared I was I went back every single day facing all those fears day by day, staying behind to do an extra set of sit ups, try to run an extra lap, I kept pushing, learning, asking, studying, anything I could do to get to where I want. I hung a picture of one of my hero’s (Sylvester Stallone) and every day I would leave my house I swore to do whatever it took to have a body like that. During the entire process I noticed more problems in my personal life were rising, financial, relationships, etc. etc. and a close friend told me “this is where your strength is tested” I will never forget those words, it drove me to keep pushing, keep following the original plan, keep doing those extra laps, keep doing those extra sit ups. Till this day I use that same mentality and my mind and body has gone much further than my wildest dreams. It truly is life changing and I only wish to pass on this amazing lifestyle. It’s much than just weight loss, It’s about becoming who we were meant to become. Don’t run away from your fears, run towards them!

  • ak215

    thank you for your words.

  • None

    Great job! And the pep talk is nice. However you didn’t share what you did or how long it took. You really didn’t share much of anything…