I am a beachbody coach. For those not familiar, Beachbody is the company behind P90X, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, and several other programs!

For those who are new to Beachbody, it can be a little intimidating to select a program! Well, that is a huge part of the free services that Beachbody coaches offer! I will make it a bit easier for you, and give you a rundown of the most popular beachbody programs available, as well as a review of the programs I’ve personally done! If you have further questions, feel free to use the contact information that is connected to this submission!


My introduction to Beachbody, like many others’, was through P90X. Since everyone’s first love has a special place in their heart, I definitely have some extra love for P90X! It is also the program that I saw the most “on the scale” results from, but it’s easier to drop poundage when you’re less fit – now I don’t have as much to lose! P90X is a 90-day program with exercises six days a week. There are different schedules that you can follow based on your goals and current fitness level, but they all are 90 days, six days a week, and include three different phases, with a recovery week in between. This is a great workout for people like me, who’d much rather lift weights than do a cardio workout or run! Three days each week are dedicated to resistance training, two to cardio and plyometric (jumping) training, and one to yoga. Like ALL beachbody programs I’ve encountered, you can make this as hard as you can handle. Tony Horton is the trainer, and his motto is “Do your best and forget the rest.” So what that means is – don’t let the infomercial scare you… ANYONE can do P90X, because you MODIFY the moves to your ability level. Perhaps on day one, you can only do one rep of each exercise… That’s fine! Push yourself so that the second time you have the same workout, you can do one and a half, or two reps, and keep building on what you have! I only have two cons to this workout – Tony Horton can be quite cheesy (though it’s also a bit endearing), and I feel that you need a fair amount of equipment (weights, pull-up bar, resistance bands) to get started, though you can get a deluxe kit that has all you need.


My second workout was Insanity, and it fit its title! This is an intense cardio and body weight program that really works your whole body! Shaun T is the trainer, and he uses what is called “High Intensity Interval Training” or “HIIT,” which means that you push yourself as hard as you can for 2.5 minutes, then have 30 seconds to recover, then push yourself as hard as you can again, and so on. This has been proven to burn calories LONG after your workout has ended. In Insanity, you do tons of different types of pushups, suicide drills, different squats, jacks, lunges, etc, all as fast as you can and with your own body weight. Just like P90X, you push yourself as hard as you personally can, and work so that each time you do an exercise, you do a little more than before! When I did Insanity, I actually went up a bra cup size because my pecs were so developed… Even though this is a cardio workout primarily, I definitely built muscle all over my body, too! The best part was the extreme sense of accomplishment when I finished each workout! Pro tip – the warmup is the hardest part – don’t give up. DIG DEEPER!

Brazil Butt Lift

My third beachbody workout was Brazil Butt Lift. I thought that because I had done P90X and Insanity that BBL would be easy. WRONG! Do not sleep on Brazil Butt Lift! This program has fewer workouts (unless you get the deluxe package) than the others, which makes it less expensive. It has one that is a dance-esque workout that focuses on legs and the booty (it’s called “Bum Bum!”), an upper body workout that uses weights hand weights (“Sculpt”), an ab program (“Tummy Tuck”), a cardio dance workout (“Cardio Axe,” which is SO FUN that I never wanted it to end), and of course a strength training workout that focuses on the rear end (“High & Tight!”). Like P90X, there are different schedules you can follow based upon your current shape and goal, and I DEFINITELY saw a difference in my bum bum and my whole body when I had finished!

Les Mills Pump

Les Mills Pump is my fourth and current Beachbody program. It is based upon the #1 group fitness class in the world, Body Pump. This at-home program is basically lifting weights to music. I absolutely love it, because I love weight lifting and I love music, and having a choreographed weight routine is awesome! In Les Mills Pump, the weight training moves/speeds go with the song, which makes things interesting and keeps muscles guessing. Each song focuses on a different muscle group. I am on Phase Three of this 3-phase 90-day program and am loving it to death! I splurged and got the deluxe package, which came with more weights, a step, and with cardio dvds (step, sports attack, and combat)… Otherwise, there are days on the schedule that just say “cardio” on which you can do the cardio workout of your choice, including just getting outside and walking! I am pretty sure that this is my favorite program so far!


The program that I am most likely going to do next is TurboFire, which is a dance-y cardio kickboxing workout that is led by Chalene Johnson, a woman whose book changed my life! She is super positive and peppy, and as a former cheerleader, I look forward to this! It also has current music and takes advantage of HIIT (see Insanity).

ChaLEAN Extreme

Since we’re talking about Chalene Johnson, I must mention ChaLEAN Extreme! This is basically a female-led P90X that uses all resistance bands – so you don’t need a pull up bar or expansive set of weights!

10-Minute Trainer

This is also a Tony Horton program, and it is TOUGH! It is a series of ten-minute long workouts that you can combine into a program for real results! I bought this for days that I don’t have much time to work out – what day do you actually not have ten minutes to devote to better health?! It uses resistance bands and body weight, and like all programs, you make it work to your level!

I could seriously write this post forever. There’s no-impact programs like Tai Cheng (Beachbody’s Tai Chi), Slim in Six… Abs-focused workouts, like RevAbs, Hip Hop Abs… Body Beast is a mass-building program. And others all across the board – Yoga Booty Ballet, Power 90 (pre-cursor to P90X), Body Gospel, Turbo Jam… And of course, sequel workouts like P90X2, Insanity: The Asylum.

The things that Beachbody programs all have in common are as follows – They have a schedule that you can follow. Though you may have a program that focuses on the improvement of a specific body part, they are good for your whole body. They are modifiable for every ability level – if you find them easy, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. If they are too hard, you’re not giving yourself enough credit! They are best when accompanied by Shakeology and other Beachbody supplements. Finally, if you stick with them, you will see results!

If you have any questions about selecting a workout, or becoming a beachbody coach yourself, please contact me at the info above. You can also sign up for my motivational and informational emails at my website, which is www.honeybadgerfit.com, where you can get a free membership (and purchase the workout of your choice)!