Almost There by Ashley


Though I’ve always been active, I was notorious for being the “bigger girl” in every sport I participated in.

I remember seeing the before picture of myself shortly after it was taken and crying. I didn’t FEEL as big as I really was, but I knew I had gained weight. I moved to another state for college, stopped playing sports and blew up. It didn’t help that I purposely avoided the scale as I got older. The biggest I remember weighing myself at was 220lbs but there is no doubt I was slightly heavier.

After moving back to my home state, I teamed up with my best friend to incorporate running into my life. I was determined to bring back my athletic abilities, one mile at a time. After a couple of months, I was able to run ten miles non-stop…and cried again, only this time they were tears or joy and excitement!

I am still considered “overweight” by BMI standards, but I feel SO much better. My goal is to rock a two-piece swimsuit this summer with absolutely NO shame. I can’t wait!

  • Kimberly Pee Hair

    Ashley is the bomb! Let’s celebrate our bikini bods this summer with a Bud Light!

    • Ashley

      YESS! (Mich Ultra has fewer calories though…LOL)

  • lovey

    I need to get on board with you and Kim! You ladies are so determined :)

    • Ashley

      You have always looked great, Lovey! 😉

  • Serina Kappes

    This is so inspirational. Chipping away at your goal everyday. So proud of you. I remember the girl on the left. You are a beautiful person inside and out!

    • Ashley

      Thank you Serina! You have played a MAJOR role in my internal and external transformation :)

  • Patricia Pangelinan

    BMI is such crap because it only considers your height and your weight but not that you are made of muscle not fat, it is a stupid standard. If you feel good, and love your look you are awesome, don’t compare to a government style standard such as the BMI.