A Mother's Motivation by Manuel

April 1, 2013 I took a look at myself and I wasn’t happy what I was looking at feeling horrible & unhealthy. I was weighing 420 pounds. I get my motivation from my mother because what she’s been through cancer twice and shingles now. But, she still has a smile and laughter in her face Even going through Chemotherapy treatments and still had so much love and energy to give and much more, she’s my best friend and such a great mother she is. So I learned from friends that I’ve been doing cardio with and learned how to count my calorie intake and that was the beginning of my journey of weight loss. Jan 1, 2014 I’m weighing 290 pounds and still going down, they say there’s no better motivation than self motivation but at the end my mother is my motivation she’s not young so its inevitable she will pass on one day but before she does I’m going to show her what I did to improve my life!