Day 3 is in the books and i am still going strong! Don’t believe the banner. It’s just a joke! I promise. but seriously 3 pounds in 3 days? crazy. Obviously i am going to hit a plateau soon, but i am loving the start. I wasn’t able to make you guys a video today, but i promise that i will tomorrow! I am also going to start posting images of the meals that i am making! Thanks for all the support so far.


Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs
4 pieces of sausage
1 cup of coffee black

Snack: 1 cup unsalted almonds

Lunch: large Chef Salad. (lettuce, ham, tomatoes, Annie’s organic ranch)
1 glass of unsweetened Iced tea

Snack: Carrots and baby tomatoes

Dinner: 12 oz ribeye steak

Snack: fresh strawberry and yogurt parfait


Run: 1 mile
power jacks: 50
lunges: 20
squat jacks: 2 minutes
Pushups: 50
crunches: 100

Starting weight: 252 pounds

Current weight: 249 pounds

Goal weight: 240 pounds

remaining: 9 pounds