I decided to put the fork down after making a doctors visit and weighing 152 at 5’2”. I was appauled that I allowed myself to gain that much weight. I lost 6 pounds very slowly and weighed 146 in January. Since January I have lost 11 more pounds and am now down to 135 and have been for about 2 months. A total of 17 pounds lost at this point and I would love to lose 10 more. I have been at a plateau for about 2 months and have gained enough motivation to get back into my healthy lifestyle, eat less, and exercise more. My first goal is to lose 10 pounds, weighing 125. After I reach that goal, I want to slowly and healthily shed about 5 to 10 more and eventually, reach my ultimate goal of 115 to 120. I know this is small, but for my height it is a very healthy weight. Even so, I will be extremely satisfied with 125, so here the journey begins!