My Story .. The Ups and Downs

ok, how can i start this? hmmmm, ok well all my life I have been overweight. I thought i was beyond help. Dont get me wrong, I would drop a little weight here and there but never more than 10lbs and it would always come back with a vengeance. A few years ago, my mother and aunt both decided to join jenny craig. I was skeptical. Months go by and I start noticing a difference in both of them so I decide to join. thats when “REALITY” set in. I never weighed myself before. All I knew was I was above 350lbs because the doctors scale (whenever i went) couldnt weigh me because I was too heavy. Jenny Craig however had a scale that was made for people like me so it was at that point I saw I broke the 400lb mark which devastated me. I swore at that moment I would change! I quickly adapted to the Jenny Craig food and only drank water and in a little over 3 months I lost 95 lbs. I was a new person! everything was so much easier. Unfortunately in NY we were hit hard with a Blizzard and that (along with my job) ruined my whole routine and in a years time after that I gained it all back! Now im ready to PUT THE FORK DOWN AGAIN! and this time leave it down!

By the way when I was at my lightest I noticed a lot of my friends and family were asking me for advice which inspired me to write and record a song to help not only overweight people but anyone fighting an addiction! you can listen to it and download it for free here ……

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