My whole life I was fat. I grew up in an Italian household, what’d you expect?! I’d go to my grandmother’s house – she’d say to me “William, what do you want to eat?” I’d respond “nothing grandma, I’m alright.” and she’d come over with a plate of food for me. THAT WAS MY LIFE.

I don’t have complaints though! I love my family, come visit sometime – they’d welcome you with open arms (and probably feed you too). However, during my childhood I cannot remember one time where I was taught about diet and exercise. My family is great, but the epitome of health and fitness? Definitely not. Needless to say, I’ve been fat my entire life. As long as I can remember. BUT – for the longest time, I was ok with it. Matter of fact, I can remember a time where I embraced it and was proud. I was always a little embarrassed (I purposely wore sandals the day we ran the mile in gym class, so I didn’t have to run) but I still had the confidence to get girls, so I didn’t care.

Then college came, my habits become even more unhealthy and I lived a terrible life style of partying and fast food. I started having panic attacks and was suffering from depression. In and out of the friend zone was my specialty (and it didn’t help my self esteem at all). One day I reached rock bottom.

At 232 lbs and having mini heart attacks everyday of my life, I decided I couldn’t live like this anymore. I didn’t ask one question, I just dived right into a diet and exercise program. Anything I wanted to know? That’s what the Internets for. I’m currently at 178 lbs and I’ve lost 54 lbs total. I’m no super model – but I’m not trenendously overweight anymore. I haven’t given up and I won’t. Not until I drop jaws.

The best part is the sense of accomplishment I feel all the time. I went from the kid that scammed his way out of the mile in high school to just running 2.8 miles today. I want to share everything I’ve learned along the way with people going through the same struggles as me – so, I made an instagram that follows my journey. I share meals, exercises, and anything else fitness related Why?! Because once I was in the gym and a bigger girl got on the elliptical next to me, she was clearly dragged by her friend to come there, and she didn’t even want to finish her 15 minute workout. She was giving up. Why? Because she had the voice inside of her head that said “you can’t do this” and I looked at her and said “you can do this, I’ve lost 30 lbs so far – and I never worked out a day in my life. That’s bullshit. You’re going to finish that 15 minutes.” and she gave me a shocked look, finished the 15 minutes – and THANKED ME. That’s why! Follow my fitness journey at @betterversionofmyself and give me some inspiration!